New Pieces from “Movements in Metal” 2012

Bella 2012

Bella 2012

Coda 2012

Coda 2012

Requiem 2012

New pieces added to Natural Creations

This piece is fresh off the press.  Created today by Colin Harris and Malika Crutchfield at the Albany landfill…….. more to come.

Natural Creations are sculptures created with materials found in their natural environments.

Free Masonary Colin Harris + Malika Crutchfield 2012

New images added to the Hollowed album

Three water color/ ink paintings added to the album Hollowed – mixed media

Fractile Forest 2011


ColinDavidHarris New Website

Formerly, this website is the new domain chronicling the work of Mixed Media artist Colin Harris. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

forest sculpture