The West Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project


For the last three weeks I have had the pleasure of working on this mural on San Pablo Ave. with 12 very talented artists.  Led by artist David Burke, this project was organized by Amana Harris and Aaron De La Cruz of the Attitudinal Healing Connection and is the first of six murals planned to go up between San Pablo Ave. and MLK Blvd. under the 580 freeway.  This has been a very positive experience despite the negative forces that were nipping at our heels.  Two different sets of photographers were robbed at gunpoint throughout the project one of whom was a reporter for the Oakland Tribune.  Despite this we finished on schedule and in very high spirits, due in part to the overwhelming positive response we received from passers by.  There was a constant roar of horns and grateful exaltations filling the air and a sense of awakened pride and curiosity with the West Oakland residents.  This was a great experience and I look forward to seeing the response in the community.


The following links are to different blogs and websites associated with the mural and, the robbery.


The following images were some of my contributions to the mural, I painted most of breakdancer and the clothes of the girl on the left


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