New body of Digital photography,  January 2016

Community Sculpture at the Not so simple living fair

Sentry 2010

Sentry 2010

cinnamon2C ommunity Sculpture project

Join me on saturday and sunday from 12:30 to 2pm creating a community sculpture at the Not So Simple Living fair. This takes place at the Mendocino county fairgrounds in Boonville CA.  We will be utilizing found objects, and recycled materials to create a group project for all to enjoy.  Bring any additional materials that you would like to contribute; old non compostable materials, and other junk such as old house paint that would not get used up otherwise.  This is a good outlet to reuse materials, help to clean your community and lessen the ammount of waste that is thrown into a landfill.

Another show up at Mosswood cafe in Boonville until the end of June

Come see my painting s and prints on found wood and paper at the mosswood cafe in downtown Boonville until the end of June.

Galaxy 2004

Galaxy 2004

In All Directions 2009
In All Directions 2009
Envelopement 2 - 2009

Envelopement 2 – 2009



New Sculpture exhibition in Boonville May 16 to the end of June


Live painting at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival !!!!



This was the live painting I completed over two 7 hour sessions next to the main stage at the SNWMF 2013.  It is on a

7 1/2 ft. by 4 ft. canvas and I had a blessed time painting it.  Good news to all you reggae lovers!!  the promoters of the show let me keep the painting and it is now for sale for all of you that grabbed my card, were interested in purchasing it and see this posting.  please give me a ring, I will put some finishing touches on it and will take the best offer.  Thank you for all of your support. Colin 415-202-4022

New Sculpture Installation at the Crucible 1260 7th St. West Oakland


To the Lost

To the Lost

totem DSCF1135 DSCF1136

“To the Lost” Finishing up the sculpture installation in front of the Crucible

To The LostTotemIn late November I began fabrication of my new sculpture installion “To the Lost”, that in 10 days will adorn the front yard of the Crucible on 7th st. in West Oakland.  It consists of a 9′ tall, redwood/driftwood/treated Totem log that I pulled from the beach in the port of Oakland and several steel elements that blending and contrasting with the wood.  The following photos are a documentation of the process and progress of the piece.

DSCN2348 DSCN2342


 This was the first attempt to find the right log for the carving…  I dragged the log about 200 yards down the beach at Montana De Oro in Los Osos CA, but in the end went with a different choice For logistical reasons.




This was the second  attempt to procure a more sturdy, green log from a Redwood Forest in the Oakland Hills.



The perfect choice came when I finally had the idea to look in the Port of Oakland. It is from the same neighborhood that the sculpture is being installed. I felt that the wear and tear, toxicity, and history/struggle that the redwood log must have been through to wash up on that small urban beach were crucial to convey my concept and vision….


I will keep you updated and will be posting the finished product and the conceptual statement within the next two weeks…..